Sandbox VR Platform

The Sandbox VR Platform

Let us now consider the Sandbox VR Platform in this post. What are its features? Scroll down to learn more about the topic.

What Is a Sandbox VR Platform?

The Sandbox VR Platform is a virtual reality ecosystem that uses blockchain technology. This is to help users create, share, and monetize their own VR apps.

The platform’s design is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Sandbox VR users access their apps through the platform’s decentralized content management area (DCCM). The DCCM provides an interface for users to manage and monetize their apps, as well as request payments from their users.

The Sandbox VR Platform also offers a decentralized application (DApp) store where users can download apps. The platform uses the AppCoins protocol to support in-app purchases and app advertising.

The Features

The platform will have the features below:

• Decentralized Marketplace

This will feature a marketplace where game developers can sell their items and players can buy those items.

• Decentralized Gameplay

This will allow the players to play the games on their devices and earn tokens. The players can also earn tokens by inviting their friends to play.

• Decentralized Creation

The players will be able to create their games, and also design the game’s characters, game items, and in-game levels. The players can upload these designs to the platform, creating a decentralized game development community.

• Decentralized DApp Store

With the DApp store, players will be able to access the games created on this platform and play them. The store will also provide a system for in-app purchases and app advertising.

• VR Streaming Marketplace

The VR Streaming Marketplace will allow users to stream their games live on the platform. Players can have their games streamed live and earn tokens while they are playing.

Sandbox VR Platform Benefits

The platform will provide many benefits to its users, including the following:.

Benefit #1: Players will be able to create, share, and monetize their VR apps.

If you have an idea for a VR app, you can use the Sandbox VR Platform to turn that VR app into a reality. You can use the platform’s tools to develop the app and then upload it to the DApp store. If the user likes the app, they can download it and pay you through the platform’s payment system. You will then earn tokens for your work.

Benefit #2: The platform’s user-friendly interface will make it easier for users to develop new games.

The Sandbox VR Platform offers developers robust tools so that they can create their games. These tools are easy to use, so you do not have to have any technical knowledge to create your own VR game.

Benefit #3: The platform will make it easier for users to earn tokens for the content that they create.

The Sandbox VR Platform uses an app token called OASIS (OASIS tokens) as its native currency. Players can earn OASIS tokens by playing games or designing new games. The players can also earn tokens by referring their friends to the platform.


As you can see, the Sandbox VR Platform will provide a wide range of features to its users. It will help gamers create, share, and monetize their own VR apps. The technology behind the platform will also allow it to host games developed by users. These games can be played through the platform’s DApp store. 

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